Water Resources Web Map - Help - Map Search

By Water Right

Get back a list of water rights matching the search criteria.

Record Number is for a wildcard search of the file number. (234 matches G3-23498C and G4-002344CL)

Record Type restricts the results to the specified document types. To choose multiple types, hold down the ctrl key while clicking.

Person Name restricts the results to records having a primary person name. Accepts partial search terms entered in any order.

Priority Date From restricts the results to water rights with a priority date on or after the specified date.

Priority Date To restricts the results to water rights with a priority date on or before the specified date.


The returned water rights are restricted to those that are currently mapped on the Columbia River (the water rights that have associated features on this map) and to 750 entries.


By Location

Zoom the map to the location of a county, city, watershed, or Township/Range/Section.

Using the drop down lists you can zoom to a county, city, WRIA, or township/range (section option). The map will highlight the area and zoom to it on the map. You can also enter a street address and zipcode to have the map zoom to and label that address.


By Address Matching

Zoom the map to a location based on a postal address (Address is required, coupled with either City or Zip Code).

By Coordinates

Zoom the map to a location defined by a coordinate pair (such as Latitude/Longitude).